The Keepers of Los Claustros

Chapter 1: That Murdering Bastard

Victor Van Fleet has fled into the desert, and the Keepers pursue. They come upon a house, and in the house, the bodies of their charges: Tifa, whom they rescued from a serial killer on the streets of Freedom. Hodor, landlord and proprietor of the Empty Barrel. Doug, the farmer who never could go a day without being pestered by those rowdy sheriffs. Inside the house, the Keepers also found a pair of bickering strangers: Hadaris, a fair-haired warrior from a land far beyond the sea, and Teresa, a scholar of demonology, along with her bound demonic pet. A brief investigation confirms that the murders were carried out by a powerful figure carrying a dagger.

The Keepers invite Hadaris and Teresa to join their ranks for the time being, and race out, following the ever-shifting tracks of their quarry.

Soon, they come upon a demolished elven village. Immediately, they recognize this as the tribe into which Veronica Van Fleet married a year before. Her body lies mangled and crushed with the others. Only her husband, Hunter, whose wounds seem imminently mortal, remains alive. He confirms that it was Van Fleet, who rampaged through the village while desperately trying to effect a forbiddance ritual. The Keepers leave the wounded elf to succumb to his wounds and resume their tracking.

Soon, they find Van Fleet, actually a changeling known as Azra, backed up against a cliff face, trying to perform a pair of rituals. The Keepers manage to disrupt the rituals, and immediately Azra is confronted by a pair of demonic jailers.

The Keepers manage to kill the demons and force Azra to surrender. They interrogate him, and he reveals what he knows about the Eternal Hunger: Their leader is a being named Skathrax. The group managed to summon the demons with a book. Skathrax brokered this deal in exchange for a promise of immense demonic power. When the demons made it clear they wouldn’t fulfill their end of the bargain, Skathrax divided his book and scattered it among his followers. One segment lies with Aela Haydron in Hammermount, another with Roderick Summer in Freedom. The demons and the Eternal Hunger have broken ties.

The Keepers beat Azra to death with their bare fists, then head to Hammermount to sort out that other bitch.



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