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  • Los Claustros

    Los Claustros is the center of operations for the campaign. The town was founded in the year 15 A.H. by [[The Human Federation]]. Its population consists mostly of [[Human | humans]], but hosts a number of more exotic residents. Los Claustros maintains …

  • Hammermount

    Hammermount is the capital city of the [[Dwarf | Dwarven State]], nestled securely within the folds of the [[Melancholy Mountains]].

  • Melancholy Mountains

    A region to the west of Los Claustros, populated by [[Dwarf | dwarves]], [[Shardmind | Shardminds]], and [[Goliath]]. !http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/73284/melancholy_mountains.jpg(Melancholy mountains)!

  • Freedom

    Freedom is the largest city and capitol of [[The Human Federation]].

  • Fort Summer

    Fort Summer is the second largest city in [[The Human Federation]], second only to [[Freedom]]. It originally served as a military base during the war against [[Bloodbrain's Horde]].

  • Silver Sea

    An ocean that surrounds the entire continent. The seaways are controlled by the [[Gith]].

  • Raider Coast

    The area between the [[Melancholy Mountains]] and the [[Silver Sea]], Raider Coast is the region in which [[Gith]] ships dock to unload their pirated goods. The region is home to only one city, the notorious [[Thieves' Landing]].

  • Thieves' Landing

    Thieves' Landing: a wretched hive of scum and villainy. All the best booze, broads, and dirty goods can be found here. Just be careful. Located on [[Raider Coast]].

  • Briarwood

    The forest that makes up the continent's northwestern region, Briarwood is home to the [[Shifter | shifters]] and other primal races. The area is quite dangerous for an untrained adventurer, and is the setting of many a cautionary childrens' tale.

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