The Legend of Sir Leonid

Folklore states that many centuries ago, the demons came not once a year, but once a day, every day, all year long. The King, his castle under siege by wave after wave of demonic forces, sent his mightiest knight, Leonid, into the portal in an attempt to stop the flood of wickedness that poured forth. After one day of tempestuous struggle, Leonid managed to wade through the army of evil and seal the portal behind himself.

The legend continues, stating that Leonid and his sword, He Who Stems The Tide, stood in the vestibule of Hell and staved off the invasion for 364 days. On the 365th, though, the anniversary of his journey through the portal, he finally stopped to rest. On this day, the demons burst through the portal again. Leonid rested for the day, confident that the human world could endure the battle for a single day.

Once rested, Leonid took up He Who Stems The Tide and began his battle anew, continuing for another year until the second anniversary of his arrival. He rested again, knowing that his people could endure.

The storytellers say that Leonid stands in the vestibule still, cleaving away the monsters, keeping us safe, waiting for another brave hero to come and take his post.

The Legend of Sir Leonid

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