The Keepers of Los Claustros

Chapter 10: The Secret War

It was the day before the demons came. Victor Van Fleet called the Keepers into his office on urgent business. A twinge of hate in his voice, he castigated them for their involvement in the affairs of others – notably, the brigands and louts in Thieves’ Landing. Then, with little warning or notice, Van Fleet commanded Kove to kill the Keepers. Kove refused. Van Fleet, finally able to grasp at vengeance for the humiliation heaped upon him by the Keepers, revealed himself to be a Changeling and revealed the plans of the Eternal Hunger – to seed agents in the highest of places so that they might divide the mortal forces who would seek to thwart the demons’ conquest – he named these other agents as Aela Haydron, Chancellor of the Dwarven High Council, and Roderick Summer, President of the Human Federation. “Van Fleet,” in an attempt to stall them, then forced the Keepers into a deep dungeon in the caverns for which Los Claustros was named.

There, the Keepers battled a bound dragon and forced their way through the tunnels until they emerged into the night air. Once free of the caverns’ influence, Kove confessed to his ruse – he was changeling, an agent for the Eternal Hunger who, when the time was right, was instructed to sabotage the Keepers’ efforts. However, having seen justice and nobility in their acts, he offered himself to them completely. They assented and returned to the Empty Barrel.

There, waiting for them, was Mhera. She brought news of the failed assassination of Aela Haydron, and the Keepers revealed to her all that they had heard from “Van Fleet.” Then, Orianna arrived, followed by an enormous minotaur in plate armor and carrying a massive axe. “I hired us some help,” she smirked. This was Agnam, blacksmith and soldier from Fort Summer.

Night fell completely. The Keepers all slept restlessly, knowing that sunrise would bring their most difficult battle yet.



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