The Keepers of Los Claustros

Chapter 5: The Family That Stays Together

After weeks of journeying, Ari made it to Los Claustros. Once there, the Keepers confirmed her great fear: her only friend and companion for a decade, Dru, had fallen in battle. She elected to join up with the Keepers to fulfill her friend’s destiny.

The next stop on her quest was a visit with her estranged father. They had a joyful reunion, but Ari soon ascertained that her father was in trouble. He owed an immense sum of money to the Gnomish Cartel, and the collateral they held was Ari’s older brother, Jesse. With no way to pay off the debt and no desire to see the criminals run free, the Keepers elected to crash the party.

They already knew that farmer Doug had done some shady dealings with a crew of gnomes. After a bit of squeezing and intimidation, the peon was ready to talk. He revealed the location of a gnomish hideaway where the Cartel agents were hiding.

The Keepers rode out and easily found this haven. The gnomes immediately offered to parlay. The Keepers offered Rorith’s warforged servant and Three-Jack in exchange for Jesse. Once the exchange was made and Jesse was safe, the Keepers cracked down and wiped out the entire cartel (save the leader, Nix).

They returned to Los Claustros, where Ari’s family reunited.



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