The Keepers of Los Claustros


The Keepers awaken amid the rubble of Los Claustros and meet their benefactor. He is Orion, a deva, and is the mysterious catalyst of the heroes’ journeys to Los Claustros a year ago. It was he who framed Aurora for murder in the Briarwood, who drove Orianna nearly insane with terrible visions, and who pulled Ari out of her deathly slumber.

Gasping, he tells you that he expended much of his power to save their lives, and that there is no time to lose. While demons scour the country, an century of devas prepare to purge the infected world in a deadly rain. Orion is the only deva who has any faith in the Keepers.

He tells them that the Eternal Hunger has a leader, a being named Skathrax, who might know of a way to repel the demons. The former mayor of Los Claustros, the changeling known as Victor Van Fleet, has fled into the wilderness in the wake of invasion.

As the heroes set out to take vengeance on the Eternal Hunger, two more of Orion’s pawns move onto the board.



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